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What You Don’t Know About Buying a Used Microfiche Scanner

Looking to buy a cheap used microfiche scanner?

There are a handful of high grade technologically marvelous microfiche scanner manufactures. Because they put so much time and money into research and development costs in a competitive niche industry, they are very protective of their products. For the most part, the major microfiche scanners do not sell officially used equipment.
Yet third-party microfiche scanner sellers advertise discounted scanner prices and gave good marketing campaigns.
Before you buy a used microfiche scanner, consider these facts:

Software licenses are non-transferable

buy used microfiche scanner

Legally, microfiche scanning software is licensed to the original purchaser of the unit and is not transferable to the new owner without the software publisher’s expressed permission. It is possible that the software could no longer work should you purchase used equipment (and definitely forget about updates), and there will probably be an additional cost for a new software license.

Used Microfiche Scanners Are Bought “As Is”

When you buy a microfiche scanner “as is,” that purchase is from a private seller. If you agree to the “as is” terms, you may have little to no recourse under the law if something goes wrong or if the microfiche scanner turns out to not be what the seller says it was. To add insult to injury, you probably were already on the hook for shipping costs paid for all of half of the microfiche scanner at the point.
Caveat emptor is the principle that the buyer alone is responsible for checking the quality before the purchase is made.

Waiver of Rights for Technical Support

You will not be eligible for software updates, upgrades, or maintenance help. If you call the microfiche scanner manufacturer, you will not get technical help, equipment parts, or support. You will need to pay for a new service contract.