Microfiche Scanning and Conversion

Microfiche to PDF or Digital Image

Microfiche can be digitized into file image formats using microfiche scanners. We can scan microfiche no matter how big or small your potential project is. At wholesale prices, we can convert the following microfiche types: COM fiche, jacket fiche, ultrafiche,16mm, 35mm, large format microfiche, positive, negative, rewritable (Microx or AB Dick) and step-and-repeat.

microfiche scanning

Benefits of Microfiche Scanning

  • Images take up less storage space than physical microfiche
  • They are easy to retrieve and transfer
  • Images can be duplicated easily and safely
  • The risk of loss drops significantly, and risk of damage, completely
  • No more using or fixing reader printers or microfiche viewers
  • No need to overpay a company to manage your documents offsite
  • Microfiche scanning cost is less than buying a new scanner

Why Choose Generation Imaging for a Microfiche Conversion to Digital Image?

We believe our microfiche scanning company distinguishes itself from the crowd. Trust us, we know how frustrating it could be to search for the right microfiche services company. The main reasons to use Generation Imaging for your microfiche conversion are as follows:

  • Wholesale scanning prices: Yes, we know price is the #1 concern and question about microfiche digitization service. We do not mark up prices, subcontract, or overcharge. Get your free microfiche scanning cost quotation today.
  • Dedicated and experienced team. With over 30 years of experience, we have seen all types of microfiche. From standard jackets to unusual microfiche, we have the answers.
  • We have top notch customer service and a quick turnaround. We are not a faceless organization. We are located in Florida, United States yet assist clients from all around the world. We have had no shipping mishaps. We realize you may prefer a local microfiche scanning company, but we bet we can outperform them.
  • Specialized. Unlike other scanning bureaus or companies which sell microfiche scanners, microfiche supplies, data management software, microfiche reader printers, printers, microfiche equipment or cloud-based hosting, we actually focus and specialize in the niche of microfiche scanning. The microfiche conversion is the most important part of the project because if the work is not done correctly, the images will be worthless to read, index, process, print, or use.

Ready to get started with your microfiche conversion? Please contact us.