Cost to Scan Microfiche: What Questions to Ask?

Microfiche Scanning Cost

If you are looking for microfiche scanning prices, including a case study which compares four microfiche scanning companies, click here. If you want to learn about which questions to ask to get an accurate microfiche scanning quote, read on!

microfiche scanning price

Here is a list of microfiche scanning questions to help with pricing:

What type of microfiche needs to be scanned?

The different types of microfiche are COM fiche, jacketed fiche, step-and-repeat . You can take a ruler and measure the film width if you are unsure of roll film size.

Do the images need to be indexed?

Generally clients just need virtual folders named by reel number or microfiche header label, however other times they would need data entry from fields, like SSN, Names, or Case Numbers.

What is the preferred file format?

Group IV TIFF, PDF, JPEG, Uncompressed TIFF, bi-tonal images, greyscale images, multi-tiffs, multi-PDFs, searchable OCR PDFs, or another image format? (Most clients used bi-tonal tiffs, but in recent years PDFs have become more popular). One more thing to consider: if your client is already using a document management system or you have your own document management software, you must comply to the requested file format. What is the output media? CD, DVD, external USB hard drive, FTP, or flash drive are all options.

What is the microfiche canning turnaround time?

When does the microfiche need to be shipped back, and at what priority? Can the microfiche be released all at once or in waves? Is there a deadline to deliver the images?

The crazy thing about the microfiche scanning industry is that there were no true standards. However, it does help to perform this information gathering task for many obvious reasons. Generation Imaging can assist you with free microfiche scanning quotes, and scan microfiche at the most competitive pricing rates in the industry.