The Most Reliable Microfilm Service Provider

At Generation Imaging, we are doing all we are able to to assist our customers take care of their microfilm conversion projects. As a part of our efforts, we have now established a free no obligation testing process, where we take a sampling of the microfilm conversion project and perform a microfilm conversion simulation test, identical to what we’d on the real job. This check has many benefits. It gives our buyer a good understanding of what the final microfilm conversion product will be, it allows us at Generation Imaging to correctly time the process for each particular project, and offers our prospects the opportunity to make changes to assure that the final product will be exactly as wanted, and is totally free.

Another vital issue we consider valuable to our clients is the cost of finishing the microfilm conversion project.  It will likely be difficult to discover a microfilm conversion center that may match the prices or services supplied at Generation Imaging. We have thought-about all variables to assure that we are able to provide top quality and greatest service. To do this, Generation Imaging makes use of top of the line microfilm conversion equipment, capable of producing optimum quality images at top speed. In addition, we are in a position to produce any kind of image file format at varied resolution. CONTACT US