Microfiche scanning cost

How much does it cost to scan microfiche?

How much does it cost to scan microfiche? What is the price to convert microfiche to digital images?  The cost of microfiche scanning depends on the microfiche type.  Step 1 is to identify the type of microfiche to be digitized. Step 2 is to determine the estimated volume of the microfiche digital conversion.

COM fiche has around 208 to 270 frames and is computer generated.

Jacketed microfiche generally contain under 70 images per card (usually they have a few rows of 16mm film strips).

Step-and-repeat microfiche can fall under either fiche category depending on the image layout on the fiche card. The same can be said for rewritable microfiche.

35 mm microfiche jackets have a minimum fee per card since there are only 1 to 6 images on them.

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