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Digitize Microfiche to PDF

What is the cost to transfer microfiche to PDF? It depends on the microfiche volume and microfiche type (COM fiche, jacketed microfiche, or step-and-repeat fiche). Generation Imaging offers the best value microfiche scanning price per image.

A small project (like a batch of microfiche cards) is usually a minimum fee to handle the scanning, set up time, labor, sales tax, and shipping back.


Generation Imaging is a reliable Florida microfiche scanning service bureau which will gladly assist you in getting your microfiche converted. CONTACT US

The importance of microfiche scanning

Billions of paper documents have been converted to some type of microfiche so far, and a microfiche scanning company convert fiche to image, and the number of digital conversions are growing every year. Why do so many organizations transfer microfiche to TIFF or PDF?

This process has served many industries well for various reasons. For one, it serves to protect the fiche from loss or damage. It also helps to store large quantities of data in an organized fashion, as opposed to archaic paper filing systems or microfiche drawers.

Organizations around the world have taken advantage of technology and have converted microfiche to digital images. The advantages of eliminating storage cost, instant retrieval of information, ability to transfer data anywhere have made it easy for such organizations to make this microfiche conversion decision. CONTACT US