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Before You Buy a Microfiche Scanner

Before you buy a microfiche scanner, it is important to know how a microfiche scanner works. Some concepts between a digital picture camera and a microfiche scanner are similar. Microfiche scanners also use a digital camera to produce an image from the microfiche card. A microfiche scanner also has a lens system to project an image to the camera. Light from a light source passes through the microfiche cards. The image that reaches the lens is transfered to the camera .

From this point of view, a microfiche scanner is straightforward. Frames from a microfiche card are digitized with a microfiche scanner. Once the digital camera collects the image, it generates a digital image that can be viewed and stored in a computer. The microfiche scanner is a high speed camera that results in digital images from microfiche cards.

Most microfiche scanners are designed to move through the grid guide of a microfiche to catch each frame as a independent image. The systems are designed with tools that allow operators to locate each frame from the microfiche. Frame location is a term used to describe this method. Scanners need to have various methods available to deal with different microfiche formats. To learn all the distinctive methods of a microfiche scanner, it sometimes takes years of practice.

One of the primary steps in setting up a microfiche scanner is to regulate the frame detection . Digital images of each frame are formed by the microfiche scanner as it locates the frames on the microfiche. The light that passes through the microfiche and reaches the microfiche scanner camera, is transformed to produce a digital image. Scanning systems should allow operators to make alterations to maximize the quality of digital image produce. The best possible quality can be achieve by an experienced operator that has the skills needed to operate a good microfiche scanner.

The position of the microfiche scanner camera is very important for various reasons. Advanced microfiche scanners have options available so that an operator can adjust this position. The correct modifications to the system are imperative to focus the image properly and to project the image at the accurate magnification.

If you are researching to buy a microfiche scanner (from NextScan, Sunrise, Mekel, Ristech, Wicks & Wilson, etc.), you can confirm with us for more significant information. If you are comparing the options between buying a microfiche scanner and outsourcing the project, we can assist you with critical information. Take advantage of our experience converting millions of images and ask us about it. Buying a microfiche scanner is a giant investment and you may want to get informed as much as possible before you make the final decision. The understanding that we have gained, having used some of the most advanced systems in the market to convert many microfiche projects, is information we can share with you to help you make the best decision. CONTACT US

Cost to scan microfiche

Before you give a price for microfiche scanning, it is important to ask the right questions to your client. Here is a list of microfiche scanning questions:

What type of  microfiche needs to be scanned? The different types of microfiche are COM fiche, jacketed fiche, step-and-repeat . You can take a ruler and measure the film width if you are unsure of roll film size.

Do the images need to be indexed? Generally clients just need virtual folders named by reel number or microfilm roll label, however other times they would need data entry from fields, like SSN, Names, or Case Numbers.

What is the preferred file format? Group IV TIFF, PDF, JPEG, Uncompressed TIFF, bi-tonal images, greyscale images, multi-tiffs, multi-PDFs, searchable OCR PDFs, or another image format? (Most clients used bi-tonal tiffs, but in recent years PDFs have become more popular). One one thing to consider: if you client is already using a document management system or you have your own document management software, you must comply to the requested  file format.

What is the output media? CD, DVD, external USB hard drive, FTP, or flash drive are all options.

What is the microfilm scanning turnaround time? When does the film need to be shipped back, and at what priority? Can the film be released all at once or in waves? Is there a deadline to deliver the images?

The crazy thing about the microfilm scanning industry is that there were no true standards. However, it does help to perform this information gathering task for many obvious reasons.  Pembroke Pines can assist you with microfilm scanning quotes, and scan microfilm at the lowest pricing in the industry.

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How to convert microfiche

If you or your organization has COM fiche, 35mm or 16mm microfiche jackets, step and repeat microfiche, or other types of microfiche, I’m sure you have wondered about how to digitize microfiche to PDF. The simplest way is to simply e-mail or call this scanning company to get a microfiche scanning quote. Microfiche scanning requires specialized machinery called microfiche scanners, manufactured by such companies as Mekel, Sunrise, NextScan, and others. Microfiche scanners are not easy to set up and require microfiche scanner maintenance plans, experienced labor, and a whole network configuration. They also cost a ton of money.

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Transfer microfiche to digital image

This scanning company microfiche scanning work-flow and scanning methods have been proven to work effectively. Each microfiche project’s design is customized to fit each client’s specific needs, whether it is COM fiche, jacketed microfiche, step and repeat microfiche, or rewritable fiche. this scanning company work plans are efficient, timely, and tailored to satisfy the most diverse requirements and formats from various clients and organizations. Contact  your representative at this scanning company for a microfiche scanning cost today.


Microfiche Conversion RFP Government Bid

This scanning company is the industry leader in microfiche conversion, and to date has converted in excess of one billion images.  If you are a reseller, service bureau, or organization that has been looking into government bids, and need a partner to handle the microfiche scanning requirements,  this scanning company  is the company for you. this scanning company can address all key issues associated with microfiche conversion.

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