Microfiche can be digitized into file image formats using microfiche scanners. We can scan microfiche no matter how big or small your potential project is. At wholesale prices, we can convert the following microfiche types: COM fiche, jacket fiche, ultrafiche,16mm, 35mm, large format microfiche, positive, negative, rewritable (Microx or AB Dick) and step-and-repeat.

Benefits of Microfiche Scanning

  • Images take up less storage space than physical microfiche
  • They are easy to retrieve and transfer
  • Images can be duplicated easily and safely
  • The risk of loss drops significantly, and risk of damage, completely
  • No more using or fixing reader printers or microfiche viewers
  • No need to overpay a company to manage your documents offsite
  • Microfiche scanning cost is less than buying a new scanner

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